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We Lift and Shift - How it works

The secret to our success is simple; we offer a reliable service and are manned by a team of professional and friendly individuals. Providing waste disposal doesn’t take a genius but we’re lucky enough to have a few working for us anyway! What we do require from our staff is determination and a willingness to work hard and we are proud to say that this is exactly the kind of service you will experience.

Apart from the many benefits of our waste disposal method over skip hire, one of the things we are sure you will appreciate is the ease and efficiency of which all your unwanted items will be removed. We Lift and Shift is a small business and this means that we can take the time and effort needed to ensure you are completely satisfied every step of the way.

One of things that we believe sets us apart from other waste disposal companies is that of communication. With time and experience we have found that this is key to your’s and our happiness. If, therefore, you have any constructive comments or suggestions on how we can make our service even better please feel free to let us know.